New Patient Offer: $1,900 Dental Implants



New Patient Offer: $1,900 Dental Implants

Gum Grafting in Verona and Westfield, NJ

Gum Grafting

Your gums protect the sensitive roots of your teeth and offer support. When gum recession happens, our dentists can provide gum grafting surgery to patients in Verona and Westfield, NJ, to protect the exposed roots. To schedule a gum grafting consultation, call our office or make an appointment online today.


Gum Grafting in Verona and Westfield, NJ

  • What is gum grafting?

    Gum grafting is a procedure that takes gum tissue out of one area of the mouth and places it in another. Also called gingival grafting, the procedure replaces gum tissue where it is missing. The New Jersey Dental Specialists team may use tissue from the roof of your mouth or alternative donors.

    Once it heals, a gum graft serves the same function as your gums do in general. It covers the roots of your teeth, provides support, and makes your smile look healthier than before. You get anesthesia for the gum grafting procedure, so you're not in pain during the treatment.

  • Why do I need gum grafting?

    Gum grafting is a treatment for severe gum recession, a complication that often comes as a result of gum disease. When your gums recede, they expose the roots of your teeth, which are more sensitive than your teeth' crowns. The gums are meant to protect these roots.

    Gum recession can also come from long-term tooth grinding or bruxism. If you clench or grind your teeth in your sleep without realizing it, you can wear down your teeth. The pressure can also push and damage the gums.

    You may be more likely to experience gum recession from any cause if your teeth are uneven, as there may be more gum tissue on one side than on another. The gums can also diminish after orthodontic treatment, like braces, if there is not enough gum tissue in place to support your teeth in their new positions.

  • How can I maintain my gum grafting results?

    The team at New Jersey Dental Specialists gives you detailed instructions on how to care for your teeth and gums after getting a gingival graft. By following these instructions, you reduce the need for further treatment in the future for the same issue and keep the graft healthy.

    In order to make sure the graft stays in great condition and you maintain your oral health, you should:
    ● Care for your oral hygiene at home.
    ● Make six-month visits to the dentist for cleanings.
    ● Take steps toward curbing any teeth-grinding habits.
    ● Consider orthodontics for severe misalignment leading to gum recession.

    Once you understand how your gum recession started, your dentist can give you additional personalized instructions on how to avoid it in the future.

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