New Patient Offer: $1,900 Dental Implants



New Patient Offer: $1,900 Dental Implants

Sinus Lift in Verona and Westfield, NJ

Sinus Lift

If you have missing permanent teeth because of jawbone loss but desire to get implanted teeth, we may have the perfect solution for you. In Verona and Westfield, NJ, skilled dentists Shalom Mintz, Dale Rosenbach, and their team offer sinus lift surgery to make room for more jawbone and give you the option for dental implants. Call the office to learn more about this procedure, or make an appointment online today.


Sinus Lift in Verona and Westfield, NJ

  • What is a sinus lift?

    Sinus lift surgery is a minor surgery in which your dentist makes more room for bone grafts. The procedure offers you a chance to receive dental implants if you don’t have enough jawbone to anchor the implants properly. Other names for sinus lift surgery include sinus grafts and sinus augmentation.

  • Is a sinus lift right for me?

    To determine if you’re a candidate for sinus lift surgery, we will discuss your oral health history and desired outcome with you. Then, we will examine your teeth and gums and take dental X-rays before personalizing a treatment plan that matches your needs.
    You might have jawbone loss because of birth defects, gum disease, or cancer. If you have a fragile jawbone or large sinus cavities, you could also develop bone loss in your jaw. If you’d like to receive dental implants to replace missing permanent teeth, we might recommend a sinus lift to you.

  • What should I expect during the procedure?

    Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after undergoing a sinus lift. Right before the procedure, we will numb the treatment area and offers a sedative to help you feel more relaxed or fall asleep.
    We will make tiny incisions in the back part of your gum tissue to expose the affected bone and then cut a portion of the bone and raise the sinus membrane. We will apply bone grafting materials into the lifted area and close the incisions in your gums.

  • What happens after sinus lift surgery?

    After sinus lift surgery, follow all post-surgery instructions. You can expect some bleeding and swelling for a few days. Get plenty of rest, take medications as directed by your specialist, and avoid strenuous exercise, brushing your teeth, and drinking through a straw for a period of time.
    Try not to sneeze or blow your nose during the healing process and avoid smoking. Attend follow-up appointments with our team and call the office if you experience new or worsening side effects. After tissues heal and your jawbone grows, we will be able to place dental implants in your jaw to anchor crowns, bridges, or dentures.

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