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Dental Implants in Verona, NJ

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  • Implant Components: Dental implants are composed of three main parts: the titanium implant body that integrates with the jawbone, the abutment that connects to the implant and protrudes through the gums, and the restoration that replaces missing teeth.
  • Treatment Overview: The dental implant procedure involves an initial evaluation, anesthesia, an incision in the gums, preparation of the jaw, placement of the implant, and a recovery period with follow-up care for healing and eventual placement of the permanent restoration.
  • Advantages: Dental implants provide a natural-looking, durable solution for missing teeth, improving chewing, speaking, and aesthetic appearance without altering neighboring teeth, supported by easy maintenance through regular oral hygiene practices.
  • Professional Care: For individuals in Verona seeking dental implants, collaborating with skilled professionals ensures a personalized, supportive treatment journey from initial consultation to the achievement of a dream smile, with options like same-day implants and All-on-4 for comprehensive tooth replacement.

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Dental Implants in Verona, NJ

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